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How to prepare for couple photoshooting.

Up for a romantic photos with your beloved?

When getting ready for a couple photoshooting, some problems may occur. Especially, when one partner is more excited about the photoshoot than the other. This happens a lot. Expectations are high and the disappointment when the pics don't come out as you wished them to are great.

What to do to avoid this?

  1. Make yourself feel good. Wear your most comfortable piece of clothing, something, which really suits you and makes you feel good and sexy. For couples it is recommended to wear the same or similar color clothing, mostly black/ white/ pastel colors. If your partner doesn't know what to wear, help her/him with it.

  2. Treat yourself well before the photoshoot. Make a facial mask or paint your nails some color, which you don ´t usually wear. For men, I reccomend to have a fresh haircut and trim the beard nicely, just a day before the photoshoot, not sooner. I personally recommend investing in a make-up artist. It really makes the difference when someone with a unique point of view and experience prepares your look.

  3. Take someone third with you as an entertainer or motivator. It often helps and gets you motivated to get the best of you when a friend of both of you is near, maybe helps with breaking the ice or just makes you laugh. If you are a bit of a showman, go for it.

  4. Ask the photographer to play your favorite music. This could really help you to feel relaxed.

  5. Don't take it too seriously. Nobody expects you to know how to act or pose. A good photographer should lead you and help you get posed right for the best pics.

I Hope this will help you to feel good and enjoy the photoshoot. Remember one thing. Happiness is not how your body looks, but what your face expresses:).


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